Sanni Kurkisuo (born in Lohja, Finland in 1993) is a Finnish singer, songwriter and actress. She is best known by her mononym Sanni and is signed to Warner Music Finland. In 2001 she won the Napero-Finlandia prize for a writing competition. In 2012 she graduated from Sibelius-lukio arts school. The same year, she appeared in a role in the Finnish film Miss Farkku-Suomi. She has also pursued a musical career and was in a number of bands since the age of 13. Read more on

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Prinsessoja & Astronautteja - Sanni
Me ei olla enää me - Sanni
2080-luvulla - Sanni
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Jos mä oon oikee - Sanni
Dementia - Sanni
Pojat - feat. Tippa-T - Sanni
Vahinko - Sanni
Hakuna Matata - Sanni
Oo se kun oot (feat. Paperi T) - Sanni
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