Radiohead - The Bends

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The Bends, released on 13 March 1995 in the United Kingdom and on 4 April 1995 in the United States, is the second studio album released by the English rock band Radiohead. The album was dedicated to the late comedian Bill Hicks. The album contains singles "High and Dry", "Fake Plastic Trees", "Just", "My Iron Lung", and "Street Spirit (Fade Out)". The Bends was ranked number 110 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and number 2 on Q's 100 Greatest Albums Ever. The album was subject to much greater critical acclaim than their debut Pablo Honey (1993), Read more on

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Tracks In This Album

Planet Telex - Radiohead
The Bends - Radiohead
High and Dry - Radiohead
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
Bones - Radiohead
(Nice Dream) - Radiohead
Just - Radiohead
My Iron Lung - Radiohead
Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was - Radiohead
Black Star - Radiohead
Sulk - Radiohead
Street Spirit (Fade Out) - Radiohead