Radiohead - Pablo Honey

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Pablo Honey is the first studio album by English alternative rock band Radiohead, first released in early 1993. The album's title comes from a Jerky Boys prank call skit in which the prank caller says, "Pablo, honey? Please come to Florida!" to his victim. This snippet is sampled by the band in the song "How Do You?". The album includes the single "Creep", Radiohead's most well-known hit on mainstream radio. Pablo Honey peaked at #22 in the UK charts and went platinum there and in other countries. After a long dormancy while the members attended university, the band On a Read more on

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Tracks In This Album

You - Radiohead
Creep - Radiohead
How Do You? - Radiohead
Stop Whispering - Radiohead
Thinking About You - Radiohead
Anyone Can Play Guitar - Radiohead
Ripcord - Radiohead
Vegetable - Radiohead
Prove Yourself - Radiohead
I Can't - Radiohead
Lurgee - Radiohead
Blow Out - Radiohead