Orera was a Soviet-time popular band from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Founded in 1961 the band reached a peak of its popularity by 1967 when it represented USSR at the World EXPO in Canada. The band was one of a few Soviet groups that were allowed by authorities to tour around the world. Their repertoire included popular Soviet songs as well as folk songs from different countries and renowned international hits (Summertime, Over and Over, I Love Paris, etc.). Read more on Last.fm

georgian  jazz  Soviet  pop  folk  
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Лалеби - Орэра
Тополя - Орэра
Криманчули - Орэра
Синеглазая колдунья - Орэра
А где мне взять такую песню - Орэра
Карачогели - Орэра
Адандали - Орэра
Любовь - Орэра
О девушках наших - Орэра
Васильки - Орэра
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